Travel Advice for Taking the Kids Skiing

Every parent is fully aware that taking the kids on holiday, while fantastic for quality family time, can be difficult when it comes to the long periods of travel involved. While there are plenty of fun and interactive flight gadgets to keep the kids occupied on the flight, what do you do when it comes to transfers through the mountains where there aren’t flight attendants to bring food or an extra pillow?

Have a read of this guide on top tips for keeping the kids happy and entertained during transfers to and from your resort and ensuring that the only memories you will be taking home from your family ski holiday are of smiling faces.

Fed and watered

Resorts are usually located at the end of long winding roads by coach, and while the excitement of the skiing holiday will keep the kids happy for a while they are sure to become hungry along the way. When it comes to keeping the kids fed, try to avoid fizzy drinks and sweets as these only achieve a short high and will inevitably involve a crash of energy. Instead, opt for longer lasting foods such as raisins as these will give them something to much on throughout the journey and also, whilst having a lower sugar content than most sweets to avoid the crash of energy and hyperactivity, will contain some natural sugars to keep them happy.


The long, winding roads have another downside when it comes to travelling with young children. Many won’t be used to such travelling conditions and this could result in them feeling travel sick. For this reason it is always a good idea to pack sick bags and spare clothes in your hand luggage as this not only offers reassurance to both you and your children, but also a quick solution. Most good ski companies will have sick bags but keeping them handy, by either asking for one before you set off or bringing your own, will help sort the situation quickly should your child fall ill.


Long journeys are dreaded by parents as keeping a child occupied for extended periods of time is never easy. Colouring books are great as you won’t need a charger or spare batteries for electronics. Also, it is a good idea to plan for the journey in 15 minute intervals, as you are likely to never have enough entertainment options at your disposal. By pre-downloading apps on your phone before the journey you will provide yourself with a great last resort should everything else fail without carrying extra games.

This article was written by Thom Sanders, on behalf of Esprit Ski, who offer top quality holiday packages and accommodation in a range of the world’s finest ski resorts for families.