Southern African Travel Advice

If you are planning a trip to South African or another of the southern African countries it’s good to think ahead and we’ve tried to compile some useful advice to help your visit go that little bit smoother.

The Weather – All over the continent the weather can vary tremendously, be sure to look into the typical weather while you are planning to stay so you are prepared for the most likely weather. Also many weather websites now offer long term forecasts from their website. While there predictions might need to be taken with a pinch of salt they will prove helpful when deciding what to pack.

Clothing – Everyone would like to pack less luggage but with the variability of the weather when on certain African holidays it’s always good to pack for every eventuality. It’s also useful to have some clothing in your hand luggage should the unthinkable happen and your luggage gets lost in transit.

Insect Repellents – It’s no huge surprise to most first time visitors to Southern Africa that buying insect repellent is a must. One tip we’d share from our experience is buy more than one variety unless one doesn’t agree with you or the local creepy crawlies have built up immunity!

First Aid – every traveller should carry a small first aid pack, it’s easy to forget but the few extra pounds weight and minutes thought can really have a huge impact. Even at its most basic a first aid pack will have most of your bases covered should you have a minor injury of some variety.

Insurance – Travel insurance is so easy to arrange and relatively affordable that you have no excuse but to make sure you’re covered. If you’re planning on getting involved in any extreme sports be sure to check your policy before you buy as even some more sedate sporting activities are excluded on some policies.

Drinking Water – Whether it’s on your flight over, your first day away from your hotel or out on safari it goes without saying to make sure you have plenty of drinking water to keep you hydrated and feeling fresh.

Currency – if you’re planning on staying in more than one country it might come in handy to have a little of each currency before you leave the UK. While general banking facilities are pretty good across southern Africa, it’s quite likely when you arrive it might be outside of their opening hours or just a little inconvenient.

Tipping – anywhere in the world tipping is an etiquette nightmare. Generally in southern Africa it can be handy to have a few American dollars or small change in the local currency to tip, and in more formal situations like restaurants ten percent is fairly standard.

Hopefully these quick tips will make your time away a little less stressful so you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, magnificent wildlife and exciting culture.

Chris Kyle is an experienced travel writer/blogger specialised in African Holidays and Safaris So if you require any more information or advice about trips to South Africa, make sure you have a look at Cape Town trips [] for amazing experiences in Africa.