Feng Shui Travel Kit and Travelling Advice

A feng shui travel kit will typically come with instructions on how to choose the best hotel room for you and the means to cleanse and re-energize the space.

A travel kit will typically include: instructions, protective amulets, incense and incense holders, chimes, and a compass. In this article, we will give some advice and examples for those who want to have a better journey using the feng shui notion and tools.

The very first thing is choosing the right room for you. If you know which cardinal direction suits you best, then try to obtain a suite located in the corresponding part of the hotel. Alternatively, you can seek out a room where at least the bed is on the right spot. For these purposes, you can use a compass, which may either come with a feng shui travel kit or can be purchased separately.

If you don’t have the notion of the best cardinal directions for you, then follow the common advice. Avoid rooms located near the stairwells or elevators. Also try to avoid those located in front of bars and restaurants, as they are always noisier than others and may not allow for a good night sleep. If you can avoid the noise behind your wall, it’s always worth it.

Once in the room, you can use a Bagua map to encompass the space and determine the major zones that may need your special attention. You can either use enhancements from the kit and place them in the strategic locations, or simply clap in these areas to move the energy into these zones and around the room.

Next, you could use candles or incense from the feng shui travel kit to clear the space and improve feng shui in the room. The pleasant aroma will also help you to relax and re-energize. When using candles, remember to be careful and not leave the fire unattended. If the room has stale air, you can simply open a window and let fresh air in.

Here are some tips on how to improve your stay in the hotel. It’s advised to try to keep your suite free from clutter, and keep your suitcases out of sight. Another suggestion is to keep the toilet lid and the bathroom door closed, to prevent any drainage of the energy through these areas.

If you can, try to get fresh flowers and put them in a vase. They will help to create a more pleasant ambiance. If it’s going to be a long trip, remember to take something nice with you from home, such as a photo in a frame, a small pillow, or your favorite music.

The art of feng shui helps us remain in harmony with the environment, no matter where we are. Using the means and methods of this notion you can also have a great trip, and bring luck and success into your journey.